SMART Weight Management – Meet Our Team

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Trained as a gastroenterologist at the University of Southern California, Dr. Tsuchiyose has had a successful 30 year practice in Northern California serving as clinical faculty at UCSF and Chairman of Medicine and Section Chief of Gastroenterology at Seton Medical Center in Daly City. Dr. Tsuchiyose has begun to shift his medical practice to examine the root cause of many diseases rather than simply treating the symptoms, and this has influenced in his approach to weight loss. He is director and creator of the SMART weight loss program.

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Diane Greer, MS: Drawing upon her traditional Marriage, Family Therapist training, Cognitive Behavioral Theory, mediation, and Aikido training, Ms. Greer uses a psychology-based and educational approach to weight management. Building innovative weight management strategies and interventions, she assists patients in making behavioral changes such as creating healthy eating patterns and physical activity habits designed specifically for them. Strategies for unplanned eating, holiday eating, and friends encouraging eating are developed.

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Nicole Rosselle is our nutritionist and health coach, working with patients through the Various Diets program. She has 14 years experience and has a personality to motivate people, Integrative/Functional Nutritionist.